The NACElink Network

NACE provides the strength and credibility of the 50-year-old national professional association, connecting colleges and employers, the primary users of the NACElink system. NACE delivers high-quality training and reliable service to over 900 schools and nearly half a million employers participating in the NACElink Network.

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Symplicity brings proven technical expertise with a wide array of web-based software solutions. Symplicity's solutions include Career Services Manager, Student Tracking System, Credentials System, and Student Portfolio, as well as specialized software and tools for on-campus recruiting, customer management, reporting and communications.

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DirectEmployers offers the strength of its broad-based employer membership and its web-based technology tools, driving millions of jobs into the NACElink system. DirectEmployers serves employers nationally and internationally, gaining a well-earned reputation for dedicating its services to the needs of recruiting employers.

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  • Affordable access to post jobs to one of the largest networks of college career centers.
  • Integrated accounts - one username and one password.
  • Continuation of the core values of the NACElink principles.
  • Visibility at America's top institutions.
  • Ability to purchase job packs.
  • Reduce workload due to software ease of use and strength of technology.
  • Strengthen relationships with career centers.
  • Access to job postings and employer accounts from one of the largest recruiting networks of college career centers.
  • Participate in the largest career center user community.
  • Access to the most comprehensive offering of one-stop career center management solutions at affordable prices.
    • Career Services Manager, Complete Career Services Office Management System
    • Career Services Manager Modular Edition, Affordable alternative to CSM for smaller campuses
    • Integration with Campus Authentication and Single Sign-On Infrastructures
    • Experiential Education Package
    • Calendaring System
    • E-mail Management
    • Counseling Management
    • Contact Management System
    • Information Session and Workshop Management
    • Career Fair Manager
    • Student Tracking System (swipe card, lobby and event kiosks)
    • Credentials
    • Placement and Graduation Survey
    • Alumni Networking
  • Convenience for the thousands of employers with NACElink Network integrated employer accounts.
  • Access to millions of jobs through the DirectEmployers Extended Job Search.
  • Privacy of student and alumni data with no commercialized use of this data.
  • Schools brand their own sites.
  • Involvement of career services and recruiter practitioners in ongoing development.
  • Cost-effectiveness for employers and colleges.
  • No direct marketing to students/alumni.
  • Noncommercial management of the system through the professional association.
  • Special pricing to ensure member accessibility.